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Based out of Ottawa, we use robotics and process automation to solve everyday problems in a safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner

Products – ANKABOT


ANKABOT is a safe and environmentally responsible façade cleaning robot which aims to disrupt the facility management industry using dry cleaning and maintenance payloads.


 ANKABOT identifies a building’s optimal cleaning path and is capable of crossing any obstacle it might face while navigating the structure’s façade. ANKABOT uses no water or detergents to perform its tasks.


Check back soon for more details about our ever growing fleet of robots. Contact us to inquire about ANKABOT applications and uses for your structures and buildings.


Operations: Our first service offering aims at improving today’s traditional façade cleaning processes. Using our proprietary robotic solution, we help facility managers complete their façade cleaning tasks in a fast, efficient, environmentally responsible and safe manner. The façade cleaning industry is an area in dire need of automation. Using ANKABOT we offer end-to-end automated façade cleaning at a lower cost while saving 100% of the water traditionally wasted. We say “NO MORE” to expensive, wasteful, inefficient and life threatening cleaning methods.

Engineering Consulting: Besides our operational services, we also offer clients from various industries advice and consultation in control systems, mechanical design and simulations, mechatronics and embedded systems.

The Team

Ghassan Oueidat

Lead Engineer

Karim Tabaja

Commercial Lead

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